Worx Switch Driver Review of 2023

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Our Verdict​

Worx Switch Driver drill is an excellent tool for DIY of any kind. Its prominent characteristic you will definitely like is the possibility to switch between drill mode and drive mode accordingly while working. It is a useful feature for the ones who prefer the “all-in-one” approach. Check the Worx Switch Driver review below to decide if it is worth buying.


  • Switches between drilling and driving mode
  • LED light, sufficient to work in bad light conditions
  • Different speeds enabling to realize 99% of all the indoors or outdoor work


  • The item is pretty expensive in comparison with other models
  • The switching mechanism is not reliable enough
  • The set features no extra battery

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The Worx Switchdriver 20-volt MAX 1/4-in cordless drill is exactly the tool kit that can ease your life in case you got tired of time consuming switching between drilling mode and diving while working. You just need to set the chucks as they should be placed for the work and proceed with drilling according to the initial plan.

What is Worx Switch Driver?

As soon as it is done, press the button for rotation and drill the screw you have placed beforehead. It is easy, fast and efficient way to make our DIY experience as pleasant as it can be.

Worx Switchdriver 20-volt MAX 1/4-in cordless drill

At the same time the Worx Switch Driver reviews show that the tool has some disadvantages, and the price is the basic one.

Worx Switch Driver drill

Though according to every Worx Switch Driver review, this tool is really indispensable and should be at the disposal of any man.

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